A screenshot of Version 1 of the Web Design Nomad website

Web Design Nomad – Version 1

I decided to share a little but about each version of Web Design Nomad. In our very first version the theme was simplicity and minimalism. I want people to read some articles, copy and paste some code and download some freebies without any distractions. That means no sidebar and no flashy design!

Version 1 Goals

  • Simple / Minimal / Clean
  • No distractions
  • Easy to use

Tools Used

There are a lot of awesome and useful tools out there, and we decided to write up a list of the ones we’ve used to build each version of Web Design Nomad. And so here is the list of tools we used to build WDN – V1.

1. Domain–Related Tools
2. Planning & Design Tools
  • Evernote – For planning stuff and tracking to-do lists
  • Sketch 3 – UI/Web design application
  • Coolors – Color palette generator
3. Development Software
4. Development Tools
  • Basehold.it – JavaScript-free baseline overlay
  • SASS – CSS Preprocessor language
  • Grunt – JavaScript task management
  • Prism – Syntax highlighter for code blocks
  • FitVids – jQuery plugin for responsive videos
  • Google CSE – Custom search engine by Google
  • IcoMoon App – SVG icons sprite generator
5. Web Fonts
6. Management Tools
7. WordPress Plugins
8. Testing Tools

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